Best Practices

Best Practices at Venu

At Venu, we care about more than just delivering excellence, we care about delivering it with compassion, integrity, humility and a spirit of innovation. 

That’s how, over the years, we have expanded our network of eye care coverage without losing sight of the basic values with which we approach eye care in the Indian context. 

This attitude of compassion is not something we reserve only for our patients – it is something that we inculcate in every aspect of being a part of Venu – whether it is in our conduct with our colleagues, with our service providers or our students. 

We realise that to deliver the finest care across the country, our expression of care and compassion must begin at home. 

Education & Research

There is a shortage of trained Human Resource to deliver quality eye care services.

At Venu we are not only committed to constantly upgrading the skills of our team, but also to increasing the number of available and trained Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Ophthalmic Technicians.

Training includes didactic lectures, inter-disciplinary and academic sessions including case presentations, journal clubs, and seminars. 

In addition to our in-house faculty, Venu also regularly invites guest faculty to deliver talks and lectures.

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Patient Care

It is said that the most important aspect of patient care is the doctor’s bedside manner. 

At Venu, we believe that connecting with patients and creating a relationship of trust is the first, most critical step to healing. 

That’s why compassion and courtesy are important elements in our approach to patient care. From economically disadvantaged patients who come from distant villages to our paid patients, everyone is accorded the same courtesy. 

In fact this attitude of compassion permeates the entire chain of service at Venu – from our doctors to our dedicated drivers who ferry patients over hundreds of kilometres, the ward boys and girls, nurses, and technicians and management teams that run the operations at all our centres. Everyone is gently encouraged to connect with the person within the patient.

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Charity begins at home. And that’s something we take quite literally – in an inverted sort of way. 

Because before we ask anyone to support us in our endeavours of delivering the finest eye care to those who cannot afford it, we ensure that a significant portion of our own earnings as a paid facility are invested back into the unpaid services we offer. 

And we do this while maintaining the cost of our paid OPD and other services at very competitive and affordable rates.

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Human Resources

At Venu, we believe in growth that transcends the numbers-game. 

Which means, there is no pressure here to perform a certain number of surgeries to “meet the targets”. 

We are people-driven, and believe in a strong and positive work ethic.

Which means that we expect and indeed encourage our team members to grow to their fullest capacity as individuals, as much as a part of Venu, because we realise that the organisation can grow only if its people grow. 

That’s why, at Venu we focus not only on extending care and compassion to our patients, but also to the invaluable member of our team. We do this by ensuring that our entire staff has access to facilities that ensure that they are able to strike a work life balance, and are well taken care of, even while at work. 

Here are some of the ways in which we let our team members know that we care:

  • A cafeteria that serves freshly prepared, nutritious, hot food
  • A creche 
  • A gym 
  • Transport
  • Hostel and residential facilities

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