Eye Donation

You can establish a legacy of generosity and love that will live on long after you and your loved ones are gone by bestowing the gift of sight, and changing lives!

Here’s how you can make an everlasting difference:

  • Pledge your eyes and become our  ‘Sight Ambassador’.
  • Dial the nearest Eye Bank (or 1919 in New Delhi) in the event of the death of a near and dear one.
  • Motivate family members of a friend or neighbour who has passed away.
  • Spread information about eye donation. Your word of mouth will help the movement.
  • Make yourself a friend of Eye Bank.


For any further information please contact:

Rotary Regency Gift of Sight Coordination and Processing Centre at
A. Edward Maumenee Eye Bank
(A unit of Venu Charitable Society)
1/31, Sheikh Sarai Institutional Area, Phase – II
New Delhi – 110 017
E-mail: eyebank@venueyeinstitute.org, rrgs1@rediffmail.com
Phones: +91-11-2925 0952/ 2925 1155/ 1156/ 0757
Telefax: +91-11-2925 0952
Fax: +91-11-2925 2370

Eye Donation Form (Please download this form and send it to the Eye Bank either by mail or courier)