Impact: Stories from the Community

We like to collect stories. Stories of the people we meet, whose lives we inadvertantly become a part of through our camps, our volunteer work, and our councelling and training programmes. 

These stories are as much a way for us to share our work with you, as they are a way for us to remember, and through this collective memory, to keep the fire of passion, dedication and compassion alive in ourselves. 

Each story lends a face to every digit in the number of patients we have had the fortune of healing, in over three decades. 

It reminds us of why we started Venu.

And most importantly, each story keeps us connected. With the people we meet everyday. With our work. With our team members. And with the reason we are all here – to ensure that every one, regardless of where they live and what their means are, has the right to access quality health care with dignity. 

Read some of our most inspiring and heartwarming encounters, moments and anecdotes here.