Venu - An Institution

Venu Eye Institute

Our Vision: Good sight and quality life for all.

Our Mission: Making comprehensive eye care available, affordable, accessible and sustainable.

Blindness Scenario in India: There are 37 million people blind in the world. 1/3rd of these blind people live in India. 80% of blindness is avoidable (cataract and refractive errors). Majority of the blind live in rural areas, while most of the eye care services and facilities are available in urban areas.

Venu has developed a unique 3-tier service delivery network, in response to the felt need of the patient, to ensure quality eye care services reach the poor and needy in the rural areas. It has a tertiary Base Referral & Teaching Hospital in Delhi, 5 rural secondary level Satellite Hospitals and 14 primary level Vision Centres in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. It organizes 500 eye screening camps.

Since its inception Venu has treated *6.5 million patients and operated 0.42 million.

50% of patients are treated free.

Income generated from the 50% paying patients subsidize the 50% free patients.

Venu is a university recognized teaching & training centre for post graduate and undergraduate teaching programmes for Doctors and Optometrists.

It is on the panel of over 70 Government and Public Sector Undertakings for eye health of their employees

It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified eye hospital (* As on 31st December, 2013)

Venu - A Breath of Life

Venu literally means a flute and it carries the melody of hope to the blind and the voice of the blind to the rest of the world. Significantly, the flute, much like the pathfinder used by the blind in India, is made from the bamboo reed. Fenestrated, this hollow bamboo reed is capable of filling the air with music notes, when breathed into.

The color blue represents hope and white signifies peace.

When all those who are part of this organisation breathe their passion and dedication into it, Venu becomes a Temple of Service and a beacon of hope and sight.