Jhajjar Surgical Vision Centre

Venu’s Lalita Prasad Dharmarth Surgical Vision Centre is located in the marbled courtyard of the Vishnu Narayan Temple in Jhajhar, Haryana, about 85 kms west of Delhi.

In March 1994, Late Lala Satya Narain Gupta, a businessman from Delhi, whose family hailed from Jhajhar, then in district Rohtak, joined hands with Late Dr. R. K. Seth, Founder of Venu, to set up an eye hospital, complete with an Operation Theatre and a 10 bed in patient ward in his native village.

In 2008, Venu decided to convert this Satellite Hospital into a surgical Vision Centre equipped with tele-ophthalmology as the temple premises was limiting the expansion of the eye hospital.  After much deliberation it was agreed not to shift out of the temple premises where Venu had established it’s services for over a decade and a half.

Situated in an area of very high need, which is totally lacking in governmental and non-governmental eye care facilities, Venu’s Vision Centre sees patients from bordering states of Punjab and Rajasthan besides Haryana.